14 Jan 2017

Baroness Ditzy von Karbon

From The Weekend, 10:30 am on 14 January 2017

Steampunk has become a Thames tourist attraction, spearheaded by Baroness Ditzy von Karbon and Lady Lavinia Laudanum-Swoon.

Their steampunk costumes and accessories have helped make the annual Steampunk The Thames Festival a big hit with locals and visitors.

The Baroness is also known as Gin Clay and in her studio in Kopu she recycles pretty much anything interesting she can get her hands on. Her specialties are hats, guns and accessories.

So what exactly is Steampunk?

“It’s a fusion between the past, the present and looking into a future that doesn’t exist.

It’s to do with industry, technology art dance poetry all the fun things in life,” Gin says.

She says its appeal lies in its accessibility.

"It appeals because it incorporates so many types and ages of people. If it seems right in Steampunk whatever you wear, whatever you do goes."