The Drama Hour

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Sunday, 20 April 2014
A True Fiction by Dean Parker

Winner of the Premiere Award for Radio at the 2007 Media Peace Awards

Rufus Dewar, a young New Zealander, is sent to Gallipoli, is wounded, deserts the army, returns to New Zealand and becomes, for a brief period, a figurehead and rallying point for the growing protest movement advocating New Zealand’s withdrawal from WWI.

Notable literary, political and social commentators feature in this recreation of the political climate and events surrounding the life, death, poetry and legacy of the fictitious Rufus Dewar.

Cast: CK Stead, Kim Hill, Marilyn Duckworth, David Grant, Nathan Meister, Nikki McDonnell, Tim Spite, Nick Dunbar, Tanea Heke, Duncan Smith, Adam Macaulay

Produced by Adam Macaulay and engineered by Phil Benge for Radio New Zealand