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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Bardfest: Interview with Lori Leigh - Part Two: Two Noble Kinsmen

Interview with Dr Lori Leigh

Lori Leigh, VUW lecturer and author of Shakespeare and the Embodied Heroine talks about women in Shakespeare with special reference to the little-known play, Two Noble Kinsmen. The interview features a monologue from Hannah Banks playing the jailer’s daughter from that play.

Interview with Colin Beardon

Interview with Colin Beardon, the writer of the sixth and final winning New Shorts play, Red Devil

Red Devil

By Colin Beardon   

The last of the six winning plays from the New Shorts playwriting competition.  Kate tries to get her old-style socialist grandfather, onto using new technologies to stay in contact with his friends. When he finally takes to the idea, he sees it as an opportunity for one last act of militancy.