The Drama Hour

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Mechanical Bimbos in the Asteroid Belt by Mark Exely

Alone on his biosphere among all the others in the Asteroid belt, a man devises a mechanical solution to the problem of his loneliness.  But that’s just the start of the story…

With John Wright as The Man (and the Woman) and Ginette McDonald as the Narrator

The Godwits Fly by Robin Hyde 

Dramatised for Radio by Fiona Kidman

‘You were English and not English.  It took me time to realise that England was far away’

Cast for Part 3

Eliza Hannay (as an adult)…Perry Piercy

Carly Hannay …Tina Regtien

Augusta Hannay…Lorae Parry

John Hannay ….Duncan Smith

Timothy Cardew…Timothy Balme

Simone Purcell ….Denise O’Connell

Jim Braithwaite …William Kircher

With Simon Prast, Jeff Boyd, Timothy Bartlett, Zachary Kidman, Prue Langbein, Lloyd Scott, Donna Akersten, Peter Vere-Jones, Patrick Smyth, Stephanie Creed and Frances Kewene.

Engineered by Phil Benge. Producer Fergus Dick.