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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Bardfest: The Shakespeare Monologue Project - Monologues by William Shakespeare

Julia’s Monologue from Act I, Scene II of Two Gentlemen of Verona
Performed by Sasha Delamere

Launce’s Monologue from Act II, Scene III of Two Gentlemen of Verona
Performed by Jeffrey Thomas

Engineered by Phil Benge and produced by Francesca Emms

Children Of The Poor - Part 2 By Mervyn Thompson

A dramatisation of the novel by John A Lee.

This week, the conclusion of the story of Albany Porcello, one of three children brought up by their single mother in the dark days of New Zealand before the welfare state.

Warning: Content may be distressing for some listeners.

Cast: Sam Tozer, Catherine Wilkin, Beth McKenzie, Matt Walls, Jacqui Dunn, John Callen, Joanna Derrill, Gilbert Goldie, John O’Leary, David Weatherby, Bill Johnson, Michael Hurst, Peter McCauley, Bronwyn Evans, Ian Watkin, Tony Groser, Val Lamond, Louis Mason, Michael Morrisey, John Watson, Peter Nicoll, Kelly Johnson and pupils of Room 12 at Mt Roskill Intermediate 1991.

Engineered by Ian Gordon and produced by Stephen Tozer

Audio from Sunday 14 September 2014

Not all audio is available due to copyright restrictions.

  • The Drama Hour for 14th September 2014 ( 50′ 41″ )

    15:00 "Bardfest: The Shakespeare Monologue Project" presents two monologues from 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona', performed by Sasha Delamere and Jeffrey Thomas. "Children of the Poor" (Part Two), adapted for radio by Mervyn Thompson from the novel by John A Lee.