The Drama Hour

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Bard Fest: The Shakespeare Monologue Project - Monologues by William Shakespeare

Aufidius’ monologue from Act IV Scene V of Coriolanus
Performed by Joe Dekkers-Reihana

Othello’s monologue from Act I Scene III of Othello
Performed by Jim Moriarty

Engineered by Phil Benge and produced by Francesca Emms

Encore: The Story of New Zealand Theatre

A dramatised documentary produced and presented by Lynn Freeman.

Act Seven: Inia’s Vision We look at the great Inia Te Wiata’s dream for Maori performers to be given the chance to show their full potential. It started with the New Zealand Opera Company’s production of Porgy and Bess and led to the formation of the Maori Theatre Trust in the late 1960s.  Also professional, community-based theatre takes off around New Zealand, with Wanganui, Tauranga, Christchurch, Dunedin and Palmerston North all get into the act, and Auckland’s Theatre Corporate opens its doors. We find out about their early days and the many and varied places converted into working theatres when enthusiasm was plentiful but money was tight.

Voices heard: Inia Te Wiata (singing), Beryl Te Wiata, Don Selwyn, George Henare, Jim Moriarty, Bill Sheat, David Smiles, Meriol Buchannan, Mervyn Thompson, Elric Hooper, Alex Gilchrist, David Carnegie, Alison Quigan

Engineered by Gareth Watkins

Earthlings Are Aliens Too By Emma McGuirk

Nell is from New Zealand, her partner Barry is from the planet Dalrym. Nell brings him to Earth to meet the whanau.

Cast: Riria Hotere, Nathan Meister, Nancy Brunning and Lawrence Wharerau

Engineered by Phil Brownly and produced by Jason Te Kare