The Drama Hour

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Bardfest: The Shakespeare Monologue Project

King Henry’s monologue from Act I, Scene II of Henry V
Performed by Alex Greig

Engineered by Phil Benge and produced by Francesca Emms.

Encore: The Story of New Zealand Theatre

A dramatised documentary produced and presented by Lynn Freeman.

Act Eleven: Thinking Outside the Square. Feminist theatre gives a fresh perspective on the life and experiences of women, past and present. The past is also explored in a series of gripping new “generational” plays. However, while plays abounded, actors were struggling to get paid a fair whack and Actors’ Equity springs into action.

Voices heard: Cathy Downes, Renee, Lisa Warrington, Stuart Hoar, Michael Hurst, Greg McGee, John McDavitt, Robert Lord, Mervyn Thompson

Engineered by Jason McClelland.

You Say Hawaii

Written and performed by Hinemoana Baker, Tusiata Avia and Bevin Linkhorn

A woman meets her birth mother in a café and find out the details of her parentage.

Warning: The story includes sex scenes that could cause some discomfort to some listeners.

Engineered by Richard Hulse and produced by Hone Kouka.