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Sunday, 31 August 2014
Accountability by Roger O’Thornhill

Hitler has invaded Czechoslovakia and is now turning his attention to Poland. The problem is how to make it look good.

A black comedy about the beginning of WW2 viewed from the point of view of the new right ideology.

Warning: This play may be upsetting to some listeners and we advise discretion

Cast: Barry Empson, KC Kelly, Eddie Campbell, Stuart Devenie, Timothy Bartlett, Ken Blackburn, Nigel Collins, Peter Dennett, Stephen Glenhill, Dame Kate Harcourt, Ray Henwood, Bernard Kearns, Ginette McDonald, David McKenzie, Sally Stockwell and Michael Wilson.

Engineered by Phil Benge and produced by Carol Dee and Steve Danby

Audio from Sunday 31 August 2014

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  • The Drama Hour for 31 August 2014 ( 52′ 11″ )

    15:00 'Accountability' a black comedy by Roger O'Thornhill looking at the start of WWI from the point of view of the new right ideology. WARNING - may be upsetting for some listeners.