The Drama Hour

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Sunday, 22 November 2015

My Own Darling by Grace Taylor

This play is an Auckland theatre Company production recorded live at the Mangere Arts Centre in South Auckland.

Grace Taylor is an advocate for young people using her ability as a spoken word poet to connect, teach, empower and inspire. She hails from South Auckland and is the co-founder of the Rising Voices Poetry Movement. 

Last year she was recipient of the Emerging Pacific Artist Award.

Features : Grace Taylor, Gaby Solomona, Fasitua Amosa

Script Co-ordination : Mia Blake

Recorded by Darryl Stack             

Produced by Jason Te Kare

*Warning: This is an adult-level play written for the stage and whilst the performers have adjusted some of the language for the audio version it still contains some robust language and adult themes. Listener discretion is advised.

This Drama Hour also features an episode of Down the list by Dave Armstrong.

Not all audio is available due to copyright restrictions.

My Own Darling by Grace Taylor

12:00 AM. My Own Darling, by Grace Taylor. The Auckland Theatre Company production recorded live on stage at Mangere Arts Centre on Monday 19 October 2015. Part of RNZ Drama's Live on Stage Now initiative. Grace Taylor brings her heart and soul to the stage, inviting us to share an intimate journey through the social landscape of Auckland.