The Drama Hour

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Sunday, 26 April 2015

K.M. in the F.S.

by Tim Heath

After hearing his favourite Katherine Mansfield story on the radio a man develops an insatiable desire to get his own copy of the story.

Told by the late Fergus Dick. Fergus Dick died recently and this was his last recording made for RNZ just two years ago.

Mr Reginald Peacock's Day

Dramatised by Rachel McAlpine from one of Katherine Mansfield's wittiest and most malicious stories.

Students of Mansfield’s writing say the story is not really drawn from her own life, but her brief marriage to singer and teacher, George Bowden, almost certainly  provided some source material for the piece.

Directed by the late Fergus Dick

With musical direction by Michael Williams and technical production by Andy Fendall.


Mr Reginald Peacock ….. Bruce Phillips
Mrs Peacock ….. Vivienne Laube
Miss Betty Brittle ….. Janet Fisher
Miss Marian Morrow ….. Rima te Wiata
The Countess Walkowska ….. Helen Moulder
Aonone Fell ….. Sylvia Rands
Lord Timbuck ….. Lewis Rowe
Adrian Peacock ….. Barnaby Weir