10 Oct 2016

ROTN - Ser 3 Ep1 - 'Axis of Medieval'

From The Drama Hour

In this episode the team galavants off to the woods of Nottingham in Merry Old England where a certain bunch of outlaws are engaged in wealth redistribution.

Every Monday evening, the ROTN crew – writer, director, sound engineer and two assistants – pile into a recording studio along with a recently almost-complete script and 15 or so audience members..

A couple of hours later, and just minutes before broadcast, another finished episode of ROTN is delivered to the relief of the Nights presenter..

ROTN takes nerves of steel, a certain amount of reckless courage, a lot of silliness and a high level of collaboration -- not just from the crew, but from the in-studio audience members who can end up making sound effects and music or playing bit parts as humans, sheep, goats, horses, birds, Vikings and other animals.