The Music Mix

Thursday 2 October 2014, with Nick Atkinson

Thursday, 2 October 2014

ONZA Marimba Festival

Marimba Festival participants by Jo Charman

Auckland school children at The Marimba Festival. Photo: Jo Charman

Imagine the racket when almost 250 school children start hammering metallophones and bass marimbas. Spread the nippers out across almost 80 metres of Auckland dock-side and the cacophony is barely describable. The funny thing is you’ll be grinning and chuckling when you hear these youngsters beating curious and celebratory sounds from these basic instruments.

Courtney Barnett live session

Folks were desperate for concert tickets when this Melbourne based Tasmanian played a rammed pub show in Auckland recently. Luckily our resourceful man on the street Anthonie Tonnon nabbed the up and coming song-writer for a unique live session that includes a brand new tune from her yet to be released debut album.

Fiona Campbell of M’Lady’s Records

Melody Thomas heads to the Portland headquarters of independent radical feminist label M'lady's Records and meets with Kiwi co-owner and ex-Coolies drummer Fiona Campbell.

Fiona Campbell by Melody Thomas

Fiona Campbell. Photo: Melody Thomas


Artist: Weird Together
Song: Karima’s Story
Composer: Weird Together
Album: Single
Label: Private

Artist: Kindness
Song: World Restart
Composer:  Adam Bainbridge
Album: Otherness
Label: Pod

Artist: Courtney Barnett
Song: Avant Gardener, Depreston, History Eraser
Composer: Courtney Barnett
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZN

Artist: Reynosa
Song: Carinito
Composer: Reynosa
Album: Carinito/Cabarellas
Label: M’lady’s

Artist: Coasting
Song: Kids, Portland
Composer: Coasting
Album: You’re Never Going Back

Artist: The Coolies
Song: Holiday/Vacation
Composer: The Coolies
Album: Bless the babies and the Mothers
Label: Self released

Artist: Dead Moon
Song: Graveyard, Out On a Wire
Composer: F. Cole
Album: In the Graveyard
Label: M’Lady’s

Artist: Dark
Song: Darkside
Composer: Dark
Album: Dark Round the Edges
Label: Machu Pichu

Artist: Sola Rosa
Song: Can We Get It Together
Composer: Andrew Spraggon, Ben White, Noah Slee
Album: Magnetics
Label: Way Up Recordings