The Music Mix

Thursday 17 July 2014, with Nick Atkinson

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Show notes

Free West Papua Concert

Mara TK

Mara TK

SJD, Steve Abel and Mara TK joined a legion of fine local performers supporting the West Papua Action Group for a fund-raising concert in Auckland recently. Nick Atkinson tracked down the woman behind the Free West Papua movement in New Zealand, Maire Leadbeater, who started by giving Nick a West Papuan music lesson, beginning with local hero George Telek.

Mr Scruff

Mancunian DJ and producer Andy Carthy aka Mr Scruff has just celebrated the 15th anniversary of his monthly residency 'Keep it Unreal' and the release of his 5th album, Friendly Bacteria, on celebrated British indie label Ninja Tune. Music 101 catches up with the whale-loving tea aficionado on the back of his appearance at this year's Glastonbury Festival.

Mr Scruff

Mr Scruff


Artist: George Telek
Song:  West Papua (Merdeka Mix)
Composer: George Telek, Ngaiire Joseph, Lea Rumwaropen
Album: Akave
Label: Wantok Music/ George Telek

Artist: Reb Fountain, Will Wood, Dave Khan
Song: Hopeful and Hopeless
Composer: Reb Fountain
Album: Unreleased
Label: Radio New Zealand recording

Artist: Mara TK
Song: Purea Nei
Composer: Henare Mahanga, Hirini Melbourne
Album: Unreleased
Label: Radio New Zealand recording

Artist: Marlon Williams
Song: Strange Things
Composer: Marlon Williams
Album: Single
Label: Lyttelton Records

Artist: Eddie Kendricks
Song: Date With the Rain
Composer: Miller
Album: Keep on Truckin’
Label: Motown

Artist: Mr Scruff
Song: Get on Down
Composer: Carthy
Album: Ninja Tuna
Label: Ninja Tune

Artist: Glen Brown & King Tubby
Song: Wicked Can’t Run This Dub
Composer: Brown
Album: Termination Dub
Label: Blood and Fire

Artist: A Guy Called Gerald
Song: Voodoo Ray
Composer: Akinola / Simpson
Album: 12”
Label: Rham!

Artist: Mr Scruff
Song: Ambiosound
Composer: Carthy
Album: Keep it Unreal 10th Anniversary Edition
Label: Ninja Tune

Artist: Mr Scruff
Song: Wail
Composer: Carthy
Album: Mrs. Scruff
Label: Pleasure/Ninja Tune

Artist: Mr Scruff
Song: Stereo Breath
Composer: Carthy
Album: Friendly Bacteria
Label: Ninja Tune

Artist: Mr Scruff
Song: We Are Coming
Composer: Carthy
Album: Friendly Bacteria
Label: Ninja Tune

Artist: Fela Kuti & Africa 70
Song: No Agreement
Composer: Kuti
Album: No Agreement
Label: Knitting Factory Records

Artist: Moondog
Song: Birds Lament
Composer: Hardin (Moondog
Album: The German Years
Label: Roof Music

Artist: Tom Rodwell
Song: When You Come Out Of The Wilderness
Composer: Tom Rodwell
Album: Live Humble

Artist: Melody Pool
Song: Henry
Composer: Melody Pool
Album: The Hurting Scene