28 Oct 2014

The Panel with Sue Wells and Graham Bell (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:07 pm on 28 October 2014

Topics - a big rise in workplace bullying complaints. A surge in cases since new guidelines from WorkSafe New Zealand in February. The most recent Survey of Working Life by Statistics NZ reveals 10 per cent of employees experienced discrimination, harassment or bullying at work in the previous 12 months. Last year a survey by Victoria University found almost a third of Public Service Association members who responded had experienced bullying in the state sector. More claimed bullying, this time at Auckland's King's College and in the guise of "hazing'. Because media are alert to goings-on at Kings College, this incident has been reported and is said to have happened in the early hours of the morning. A group of Year 12 boarders marched a group of Year 9s outside in the middle of night with pillowcases on their heads and their hands behind their backs, like prisoners of war. The Huntly Rodeo has chosen to close after being found guilty of breaching the animal welfare act. The operators have a $50,000 fine or a 3-month prison term hanging over them. An animal activist complained to the MPI after observing a boy kicking a bull that had collapsed, in the neck.