25 May 2015

The Panel with Ella Henry and Matt Nippert (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:06 pm on 25 May 2015

Some words from the Oxford Junior Dictionary have been culled. Words to do with the natural world have lost their place while ones to do with technology have been added. What the Panelists Ella Henry and Matt Nippert have been thinking about. Sir Owen Glenn says people would give more to innovation and good causes if there was a better tax incentive. Mark Keating of the Business School at the University of Auckland tells us what would and wouldn't work. Women being given cash for propping up their husbands' careers, which is decried by some and seen as feminism-enhancing by others. New Plymouth is the first centre to have NZ Post's new-style parcel and mail operation. Where to now for other traditional services? New variations of synthetic cannabis have seen more than 30 people admitted to hospital.