28 Sep 2015

The Panel with Wendyl Nissen and Gary McCormick (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:32 pm on 28 September 2015

A study out of Stanford & Harvard, meta-analysis actually of 228 studies, suggests workplace stress isn't self-imposed, doesn't result from our own lack of dedication to exercise, relaxation techniques, mindfulness. What the Panelists Wendyl Nissen and Gary McCormick have been thinking about. The Rugby World Cup, and the big talking-point of the weekend the magnificent Welsh against the arrogant English, that's the media narrative, albeit a simplistic one and perhaps a wrong one. On Friday we previewed daylight saving and both our panellists were looking forward to it, more outside time. And we noted that in the U.S. approval of it has fallen to 37% and a whole lot of people say they don't see the point of it.