26 Jun 2014

The Panel with Stephen Franks and Bernard Hickey (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:36 pm on 26 June 2014

Topics - the OECD has just unveiled a new website, with much hoopla. It's oecdregionalwellbeing.org. And what it does is compare regions within countries as the most desirable places to live and work. This big wellbeing engine compares living standards throughout the world in eight categories, including safety, health, education, income and access to services. Auckland council staff have been zipping around the city in special shuttles because it's faster than public transport when they want to get to meetings in another building across town. Embarrassing for Auckland Transport because they have a train and bus station outside their building. The ever-considerate Renumeration Authority, wants to give MPs thousands more in allowances. Its proposal's gone out to MPs this week and would see an extra $4-thousand go to parliamentarians for accomodation in the capital. Mere Mps would get I think $538 a week but for cabinet ministers it'd be up around the $7/800 mark.