The Reading

Zhu Mao by Mark Sweet

10:45am Monday 13 October to Friday 24 October 2014

Scott returns to Hubei Province with his wife’s ashes. There he confronts the memories of the terrible events that bought them together.

Told by George Henare

Published by Huia Books, ISBN: 9781869694791

Warning: Adult Audience only. Contains adult themes including references to illicit drugs.

Produced by Jason Te Kare and engineered by John Butterworth and William Saunders

Not all audio is available due to copyright restrictions.

  • Zhu Mao - Part 1 ( 13′ 16″ )

    10:45 Scott remembers meeting Sam, and his children struggle as he begins the journey of returning their mother's ashes to China.

  • Zhu Mao - Part 2 ( 13′ 27″ )

    10:45 Scott remembers his first lesson with Master Bao and spending time with Sam on the roof of Splendid Guest House.

  • Zhu Mao - Part 3 ( 13′ 14″ )

    10:45 The family of the boy who named Scott 'Zhu Mao' is known to Sam and Scott is made to feel uncomfortable by a proposition from Sam.

  • Zhu Mao - Part 4 ( 13′ 26″ )

    10:45 Scott tells Sam of New Zealand and teaches him how to swim. Sam's father invites Scott for a meal where he meets the rest of the family.

  • Zhu Mao - Part 5 ( 14′ 7″ )

    10:45 Scott meets Gerda and Nikko. He also discovers what has changed at the monastry where he trained with Master Bao all those years ago.

  • Zhu Mao - Part 6 ( 13′ 52″ )

    10:45 Scott catches up with both Mei's and Sam's families. Then issues with his son Jesse bring up memories of Mei and her passing.

  • Zhu Mao - Part 7 ( 14′ 5″ )

    10:45 Scott is reunited with an old friend when he visits the monastry but events take a turn for the worse at a dinner held in his honour.