The Reading

This Way of Life by Sumner Burstyn

10:45am Monday 26 January to Tuesday 3 February 2015

This Way of Life continues the story of the Ottley-Karena family who were the subject of a highly acclaimed 2009 documentary of the same name. The family now live in a large house in Havelock North but we follow their journey from their first home in Omahu which is burned down in an arson attack, to living on the beach in tents and a caravan, to a large shed, a house on the outskirts of Hastings, a tepee, then finally the house in Havelock North. We discover the Ottley-Karena way of life is not the same as the average kiwi. Living off the land hunting, foraging and growing what they can. Gaining some income through taking horse treks and father, Peter breaking in horses for a local farmer. Through moving homes with almost 30 horses, a storm, hunting and rafting trips in the back blocks of NZ – we discover a family with kids who are just as resourceful as their parents. Even when taken out of their comfort zone and placed in the limelight during a Berlin winter for the documentaries premier, they show they are more adept than most. A way of life that causes people to re-examine their ideas of what children are capable of.

Told by Miriama McDowell

Published by HarperCollins ISBN: 9781869509644

Produced by Jason Te Kare and Engineered by Alex Baron




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