2 Sep 2014

The Sampler for 2 September 2014

From The Sampler, 7:31 pm on 2 September 2014

Lewis. Photo supplied.

Joe Nunweek stands in for Nick Bollinger, reviewing the new album by young, brash and knotty Americans Naomi Punk; a metal album that uses no guitar at all by Wreck and Reference; and explores the strange story and eventual rediscovery of long-lost American crooner Lewis.

Music Details:

NaomiPunk Television ManArtist: Naomi Punk
Songs: Television Man, Song Factory, Firehose Face, Eon Of Pain, Eleven Inches
Album: Television Man
Label: Captured Tracks


Wreck Reference WantArtist: Wreck and Reference
Songs: Corpse Museum, Stranger Fill This Hole For Me, A Tax, A Glass Cage For An Animal, Flies, Bankrupt, Apollo Beneath The Whip, Apologies
Album: Want
Label: The Flenser


Lewis L AmourArtist: Lewis
Songs: Cool Night In Paris, My Whole Life, Even Rainbows Turned Blue, Summer's Moon, Bon Voyage, So Be In Love With Me, Don't Stop It Now, Where Did My Love Go Away
Album: L'Amour, Romantic Times
Label: Light In the Attic