21 Jul 2015

The Monsanto Years by Neil Young + Promise Of The Real

From The Sampler, 7:30 pm on 21 July 2015

Jim Pinckney tunes in to Neil Young taking aim at Monsanto and big business USA.

Neil Young The Monanto YearsNeil Young is revving up for another outing, and this time he’s got agrochemical corporation and GM food pushers,  Monsanto squarely in his sights. After A Letter From Home, last years humble and enjoyable run through of favourites and inspirations, recorded in Jack White’s primitive voicebox,, and the brace of re-union albums with Crazy Horse, Neil’s been keeping a pretty tidy batting average of late, as he rumbles towards his 70th birthday. However this, his 36th album, finds him stepping up to his soapbox once again, and forsaking some of his character and craft in order to slay dragons and make the big statement. 

Right through almost every single track, he is on the case of the company and its practices, though he manages to find space to have a pop at Walmart, the death of Main Street America, political apathy and ecological indifference on the way. Thankfully there’s just enough to show the glorious, unrepentant old curmudgeon still has what it takes.

Songs Played: Workin’ Man, Rules Of Change, Big Box, A New Day For Love, Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop, People Want To Hear About Love, Wolf Moon, Monsanto Years