27 Oct 2015

Peace, Love & Music by Swindle

From The Sampler, 7:35 pm on 27 October 2015
Swindle aka Cameron Palmer

Swindle aka Cameron Palmer Photo: Supplied

Jim Pinckney translates the musical postcards from understated UK grime artist Swindle.

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Inspired by touring around the world over the last two years, Peace, Love & Music is largely a travelogue, with songs recorded in a variety of locations from South Africa to the Phillipines. Avoiding the tokenism that can often accompany projects like this UK grime producer Cameron Palmer aka Swindle has tapped into local musicians, singers and producers at the studios he has worked at, and rapidly managed to assimilate sounds and styles into his own repertoire. With players at his disposal back in London who understand his almost animated and visual production style, and  who have the ability to recreate and expand upon, what he might previously have sampled, Palmer’s musicianship and vision are very nearly in sync. While he may not yet be quite the finished article, Peace, Love and Music shows Swindle has enough remarkable tunes, and boisterous bounce, to make the lesser moments on his hyperactive journey well worth overlooking.

Songs played: Denver, London To LA, Shanghai, Sing Like You’re Winning, Malasimbo, Elevator, Global Dance, Find You

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