3 Jan 2017

The Sampler 3 January 2017

From The Sampler, 7:30 pm on 3 January 2017


Music Details

Artist: Aaradhna

Songs: Brown Girl,Drunken Heart Smoky Mind, Empty Hall, Messin’ Around, Devil’s Living In My Shadow, I’m The One For You

Comp: Patel/Scott

Album: Brown Girl

Label: Universal


Artist: Lontalius

Songs: Kick In The Head, A Feeling So Sweet, Selfless, Light Shines Through Dust, I Was More Than, Glow

Composer: Johnson

Album: I’ll Forget 17

Label: Partisan


Artist: Jay Clarkson

Songs: Luckies, She Disappears, Big Old House, Everything’s Blue, Walking Boots, Stay, Spur

Composer: Clarkson

Album: Spur

Label: Zelle

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