The Treaty Debates

2010 – Evolution and not revolution

The 2010 Treaty Debates explore how our society ― and its view of the place of Maori ― has changed in an evolutionary way over recent decades.

Chaired by historian Claudia Orange and law professor Richard Boast.

Treaty Debate 1 (2010)

7:00 PM.Professor Paul Spoonley from Massey University articulates the evolutionary nature of the last 40 years of Maori social and cultural change through a focus on the life and achievement of fellow-panellist Professor Emeritus Ranginui Walker.

Treaty Debate 2 (2010)

4:00 PM.Professor Mason Durie, with social commentator Colin James, consider the options for future, including three alternative scenarios which have New Zealand as a republic, as part of the federated states of Australasia, and with Maori leading world-wide networks of indigenous peoples and businesses.