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  • The Week In Review for week ending April 24 2015 ( 58′ 45″ )

    18:00 A review of the week's news including... The Prime Minister describes his repeated pulling of an Auckland waitress' hair as just 'horsing around', a hearing into the shooting of two Dunedin children by their father has heard of a series of failures by the police to follow up on information that could have saved their lives and Edward Livingstone's psycho-therapist says she was naive and wrong to write a letter for court saying he was not a violent man, the mother of a 15 year old boy who died after a routine appendix operation is furious the anesthetist who made critical mistakes has not been named, AC/DC's drummer pleads guilty to charges of threatening to kill and possessing methamphetamine and cannabis, the firm behind a radio advertisement playing a Singapore says it has no compunction in calling Auckland 'a property investor's dream', landlords in Canterbury are taking advantage of a housing crisis with the region overtaking Auckland as the most expensive to rent, a tramper crawls for ten hours with a dislocated shoulder after being stuck on the side of a mountain for two days, one of the country's biggest fisheries companies closes its Christchurch mussel processing factory blaming rising ocean temperatures and variable weather, the former Heart of the City chief executive admits stealing millions from the agency he ran to promote Auckland and from Gallipolli we hear about the man who led New Zealand troops in the first Anzac Day service.

  • The Week In Review for week ending April 17 2015 ( 56′ 27″ )

    18:00 A review of the week's news including... The Reserve Bank urges the Government to think again about a capital gains tax to help quell the overheated Auckland housing market, the Medical Council wants a debate about what information the public should be given about the performance of doctors, a new loyalty card aimed at people with student loans has been criticised for being nothing more than a marketing ploy, the Prime Minister says the Government will continue to work with iwi over Maori freshwater rights but maintains nobody can own the resource, the high profile head of a rape prevention group reveals she was threatened with a funding cut if she continued to criticise the Government, the director of the Security Intelligence Service has warned more people, not fewer, are being monitored because of their links to Islamic State, the Green Party says it's shocking that New Zealand appears to be helping what it calls 'Bangladesh's notoriously brutal security agencies', policing tactics in Canterbury are being questioned after official figures revealed the region is responsible for almost one in six armed offender call outs, the stones a young hunter got in his boots while climbing up a slip to get to a deer he'd just shot, probably saved his life and packaged foods may be even less healthy than you thought.

  • The Week In Review for week ending April 10 2015 ( 57′ 59″ )

    18:00 A review of the week's news including.... Media commentators say they expect a review of TV3's Campbell Live show will lead to it being axed, a business leader warns that parity with the Australian dollar is a double edged sword, a police officer criticised in an independent report on the handling of the Roast Busters case has criticised the police management's response to the inquiry, the police searching for a missing Southland boy say all the evidence so far points to him being the victim of a murder-suicide, conservation group has been at the centre of a dramatic rescue after a poaching vessel it's been shadowing for more than three months sank of the west African coast, higher fences to stop mental health patients getting out won't be happening at a Hamilton unit with a history of escapes including two in the past week, more than two hundred seafood workers told they'd be out of a job by the end of the month, Auckland's housing market is being likened to a giant ponzi scheme by one leading economist, the family of a mother of three killed while she was out jogging is angry the driver who hit her has not been jailed and controversial zero-hour contracts at some fast food chains are set to be scrapped.

  • The Week In Review for week ending April 3 2015 ( 1h 1′ 23″ )

    18:00 A review of the week's news including... Mark Lundy begins his second term of life imprisonment after once again being found guilty of murdering his wife and young daughter in Palmerston North 15 years ago, Teina Pora will not face a retrial for the rape and murder of Susan Burdett, the National Party analyses Winston Peters' historic win in the Northland byelection, the departing head of a manufacturing exporters group says the obsession with property has severely weakened the sector, the Government blames a slump in milk prices on the World market being awash with milk, the Black Caps lose their first ever Cricket World Cup Final, the High Court rules against the Electoral Commission's decision to ban public broadcasts of the a satirical song during last year's election, the tax system could be in for the biggest shake up ever seen, the Government strikes a deal for New Zealand soldiers to defend themselves in Iraq, Trade Me looks at implementing a code of conduct on the sale of animals, the Mt John University Observatory at Tekapo is celebrating its 50th birthday and forty years of Morning Report.

  • The Week In Review for week ending Fri Mar 27 2015 ( 55′ 25″ )

    18:00 A review of the week's news including... Mark Lundy's defence team begins its closing argument in his murder trial, a second opinion poll within 24 hours gives New Zealand First leader Winston Peters a commanding lead heading in to the Northland by-election, the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security will investigate whether the GCSB spied on New Zealanders working or traveling in the South Pacific, the New Zealand cricket team makes it to the World Cup final at the MSG, a Christchurch school insists it was within its rights to ban two students from competing in the Maadi Cup rowing regatta despite being overruled by a High Court judge, a grim development in the search for a missing eleven year old boy who was taken from school by his step-father a fortnight ago, Ports of Auckland looks likely to face a legal challenge to its planned wharf extension, veteran Dambusters pilot Les Munro's medals will stay in New Zealand, HMNZS Canterbury reaches Vanuatu nearly two weeks after Cyclone Pam and an explorer's great, great, great grand daughter prepares for the 175th anniversary of the discovery of the Ross Sea and Ross Ice Shelf on the edge of the Antarctic.

  • The Week In Review for week ending Mar 20 2015 ( 53′ 15″ )

    18:00 A review of the week's news including... Police come under fire for their interpretation of the law around sexual assaults in the wake of a report on the Roast Busters case, a week after Cyclone Pam tore through the archipelago of Vanuatu some of the worst-hit islands are still without aid while a frantic campaign to vaccinate children against the measles enters its fourth day, a jury has been told a man who had once worked with Christine Lundy and was receiving psychiatric treatment was a possible suspect in the murders of Mrs Lundy and her daughter Amber, questions and accusations over brand new bridges and dusty old roads are continuing to dog the Government in the run up to the Northland by-election, the father of a New Zealander jailed for insulting the Buddhist religion in Myanmar, says he and his wife are shocked and hurt by the court's decision, a Government proposal to allow Canterbury ratepayers to once again elect some regional councillors is being seen as too slow a return to democracy, Pacific nations try to work out how to get a bigger cut of the multi billion dollar tuna fishery and first it was Shackleton's, then Scott's, now it's been announced Hillary's Antarctic Hut is next in line for restoration.

  • The Week In Review for week ending Fri March 13 2015 ( 1h 0′ 09″ )

    18:00 A review of the week's news including... Blackmailers threaten to poison infant milk formula unless New Zealand stops dropping 1080 in the bush, the Prime Minister says the Government's electronic spy agency does not do mass surveillance, a kauri tree protest climber is charged with trespassing hours after the tree wins a reprieve from the developers' axe, the jury in the Mark Lundy murder trial told that tissue found on his polo shirt was definitely brain material, Police say every effort was made to save a man who died during an altercation with officers who used tasers, Solid Energy warns MPs more job cuts are inevitable, Auckland Council's new chief economist says inner city land values could crash unless high density housing is allowed, a Dutch entrepreneur who dreams of sending humans on a one-way trip to Mars by 2024 and we remember a special day in New Zealand sport twenty years ago this week.

  • The Week In Review for week ending Fri March 6 2015 ( 55′ 28″ )

    18:00 A review of the week's news including... An investigative journalist says New Zealand is spying on its Pacific neighbours on a scale never seen before, the Privy Council delivers its decision on Teina Pora's appeal against his conviction for rape and murder, the Government's plans to reduce tourist crashes on South Island roads have been criticised as being as effective as fighting an AIDS epidemic with sticking plasters, a snap poll of Northland voters has New Zealand First leader Winston Peters as the frontrunner in the upcoming by-election, a High Court judge rules a serial stalker is allowed to write to women, despite being barred from starting new relationships, Work Safe charges the Ministry of Social Development over the death of two of its employees, are Bosnian war crime suspects living in New Zealand? many school students who failed to meet a tougher entrance standard last year make it into university anyway and NASA gets set to launch a giant balloon into the upper atmosphere from the outskirts of Wanaka.

  • The Week In Review for week ending Feb 27 2015 ( 57′ 48″ )

    18:00 A review of the week's news including... the Prime Minister defends the decision to deploy military personnel to Iraq, former Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker is 'gutted' he's been dumped as sailing director, tourism New Zealand is defending the job it's doing in driving home the road safety message to overseas visitors, Christchurch's proposed rates hike of 28-percent has passes its first hurdle, a flight ban on all Robinson R44 helicopters with Dash 7 rotor blades has been lifted, taxpayer and worker representatives are calling on the Prime Minister to change the law and find a new way of setting MPs' salaries, a public health watchdog calls in the police after someone at a private hospital tried to cover up a mistake that led to a three year old boy being given a massive overdose of codeine, why is cricket's popularity sliding? Nine to Noon asked why we like the foods we do, and are grossed out by others? and more than eight-thousand people attend the country's biggest medieval re-enactment.

  • The Week In Review for week ending Feb 20 2015 ( 58′ 54″ )

    18:00 A review of the week's news including... a decision by the Justice Minister to order a fresh report on whether David Bain should receive compensation, the Queenstown and Wanaka communities are reeling following the deaths of two men in a helicopter crash, a major biosecurity operation gets underway in Central Auckland after a Queensland fruit fly is found, the future of Dean Barker as Team New Zealand's helmsman remains unclear - we hear the view of a former Kiwi Americas Cup skipper, passengers and tables went flying when an Auckland ferry slammed into the Devonport wharf, plans for Auckland's convention centre are back on the drawing board while the New Zealand First leader calls for an investigation in to an apparent surge in SkyCity share sales, a Chilean family seeks refuge in a Christchurch church after threats of deportation, a call for hand crafted poppies to honor service men and women who died in World War One has been met with an overwhelming response, The All Blacks captain gives his biggest hint yet he may retire from Rugby after this year's World Cup, the Archbishop of Wellington is appointed a Cardinal of the Catholic Church at a ceremony at the Vatican and the first printed image of New Zealand helps researchers identify an important piece of our coastal heritage that may have been overlooked.

  • The Week In Review for week ending Feb 13 2015 ( 53′ 56″ )

    18:00 A review of the week's news including... the Mark Lundy retrial, NZ Post to axe four hundred posties from July, the Cricket World Cup is officially opened, predictions the synthetic cannabis industry would go underground have been confirmed, concerns that sporting supplements taken by schools' elite sports teams is becoming normalised with possible dangerous consequences, a judge blames the parents of a teenager jailed for attacking a good samaritan saying they should be in the dock too, the first of seven men sought by the FBI in its internet piracy case against Kim Dotcom is now in the US facing charges, can mindfulness improve the quality of life for people with asthma, a meteorite lights up the sky and the New Zealand writer Anthony McCarten wins best screenplay at the BAFTAs for the Stephen Hawking biopic the Theory of Everything.

  • The Week In Review for week ending Feb 6 2015 ( 56′ 36″ )

    18:00 A review of the week's news including... Waitangi Day celebrations take place against the backdrop of ongoing divisions within host Iwi Ngapuhi, the Reserve Bank rules out a cut in interest rates for now, global dairy prices bounce back, the British Foreign Secretary urges New Zealand to commit troops to fight Islamic State, two insurance workers who had sex in their office late at night oblivious to hundreds of people looking on and filming from a central Christchurch bar could lose their jobs, claims a girls basketball team were refused entry into the National Maori Basketball Tournament because their coach isn't Maori, a petition seeks to implement a pardon for men convicted of homosexuality in New Zealand in the past, a unique and high-profile case in New Zealand's legal history is the subject of a new book - we hear from it's author, the 100th anniversary of the first New Zealand combat casualty of the First World War was marked this week and the story of a 1984 song that became an anthem is being turned into a movie.