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Week In Review for week ending July 3 2015

6:00 PM. A review of the week's news including... Four bodies have been removed from a house in Ashburton, angry rugby fans crash an auction for tickets to the weekend's Super Rugby final as excitment in the Hurricanes vs Highlanders game builds, the principals of two schools involved with a violent rugby brawl meet with the Auckland Rugby Union, sending harmful messages or posting damaging images or comments online is now a criminal offence, two Northland MP's accuse a Cabinet Minister of misleading Parliament on laws governing the export of swamp kauri, a Napier teenager is told to stay away from school after giving a speech about bad teachers, the Government is considers changes to tenancy laws to support the growing number of 'forever renters', the first of the new digital speed cameras has more than doubled the number of tickets issued, a child's nightmare that turned out to be real and the Wellington man who has has lived life in the public eye and been seen by millions of people around the world without anyone knowing what he looks like hangs up the costume.

Week In Review for week ending June 26 2015

6:00 PM. A review of the week's news including... Helicopters evacuated pregnant women and ferried food and generators to farms cut off in flood-ravaged Whanganui and Taranaki, thousands of Auckland homeowners face rates hikes of more than a thousand dollars a year, there's shock from both the family and friends of Auckland dairy owner Arun Kumar at the verdict reached for his killer, the sacked head of Auckland's downtown promotion agency is jailed, protesters climb on to Parliament's roof to protest Government inaction on climate change, the lawyer for Edward Livingstone's ex wife says she doesn't accept the coroner's finding that agency action might not have stopped the shooting of her children, the Association of Scientists says more scientists are coming forward saying they are being gagged or pressured, schools pulling out all the stops to attract the best student athletes may be weakening not only those players but also New Zealand's ability to compete and win internationally, a New Zealand sailor who leapt for his life from a burning yacht says he and his mates were saved by series of miracles and drone racing is taking off as a new sport in New Zealand.

Week In Review for week ending June 19 2015

6:00 PM. A review of the week's news including... Regional city councils welcoming Jetstar's plans to expand, the Crown rubbish claims the stabbing of a dairy owner was self defense, are large slabs of New Zealand swamp Kauri being sold overseas illegally? Otago and Southland leaders back the sacking of the Southern DHB, accusations New Zealand's agricultural reputation has been put at risk as a result of a controversial Saudi farm deal, thousands farewell Jerry Collins, heavy flooding cuts off the West Coast, some of the poorest parts of New Zealand could soon be paying 500 dollars more a year for power, large swells close Wellington's south coast roads leaving the future of some stretches in question, a Wellington emergency physician calls for a rethink of the country's drug laws, Motueka High School students fight for the right to wear puffer jackets, a teenager joyrides in a stolen digger and the New Zealand Police Museum has decided to lay to rest human remains, some of them old murder victims.

Week In Review for week ending June 12 2015

6:00 PM. A review of the week's news including... Low payouts, low dividends and a tumbling share price has the country's biggest company facing complaints of poor performance, what's thought to be the biggest ever live shipment of sheep from New Zealand left the port of Timaru this week, a one off cannabis oil treatment for a 19-year old Nelson man has been approved, the central bank cuts the official cash rate for the first time in more than four years, rescuers recover the body of a digger driver who was buried under tonnes of rock at a quarry near Waikari, secondary students zip their lips for a day in a stand against the bullying of LGBT students, one of this county's leading lawyers dies of cancer aged 80, a South Auckland primary school is spending thousands of dollars a year on air testing so it knows when to move the children out of toxic classrooms and one of New Zealand's greatest racehorses has been buried at Ellerslie Racecourse where he so often triumphed.

Week In Review for week ending June 5 2015

6:00 PM. A review of the week's news including... Lecretia Seales, the 42-year-old Wellington lawyer with terminal brain cancer has died of natural causes as a High Court judge rejects her fight to die on her own terms, housing experts say a toddler who died due to sickness in part caused by a cold, damp home is the tragic face of an issue facing thousands of children, Dunedin's once in nearly two hundred years flood event, the trial of two teenagers accused of murdering a Henderson dairy owner is underway, Northland's new MP wants the Government to explain why it's spent millions on a new charter school while forcing children in Kaikohe to study in building being likened to a slum, a road safety advocate on why he thinks our road toll is looking so bad, the shock resignation of FIFA president Sepp Blatter is discussed on Nine to Noon, how standing while working at the office, rather than sitting all day-long could extend your life, a personal crusade to find homes for hundreds of urns left unclaimed after an Auckland funeral home went bust and Wellington's 152-year-old department store Kirkcaldie and Stains is closing if shareholders give it the green light.

The Week In Review for week ending May 29 2015

6:00 PM. A review of the week's news including... The judge deciding whether a Wellington woman can die with her doctor's help thanks the dying woman for taking the case, more than 180 jobs at Fairfax New Zealand could be axed in a shake-up of the country's biggest news publisher, Auckland Police try to identify a gang of masked graffiti taggers who ambushed a train at Newmarket on Wednesday night, the Government considers automatically enrolling all workers in KiwiSaver just days after scrapping the one thousand dollar KiwiSaver kickstart payment, Auckland drivers face many more parking restrictions, California's worst drought in over a thousand years, a survey reveals that New Zealanders are a pretty satisfied lot and an unexpected customer forced a South Auckland carwash to close for most of Tuesday.

The Week In Review for week ending Fri May 22 2015

6:00 PM. A review of the week's news including... a 790 million dollar four-year anti poverty package was at the heart of Thursday's Budget, property investors say the Government's move to tighten property tax rules will not solve the Auckland housing market crisis, a combative and tearful John Banks lashes out calling the Crown very personal and very vindictive in pursuing him in the Dotcom donations prosecution, TV3 announces a new show will take over Campbell Live's slot and host John Campbell will be leaving the network, Scott Watson's lawyer tells a court the convicted double murderer deserves to be able to tell the public about the miscarriage of justice that saw him locked up, how well is the national carrier servicing regional New Zealand? fifty-thousand New Zealand cars are being recalled because an of airbag fault the manufacturer admits could cause them to explode unexpectedly and a new documentary on social housing launched as part of the Documentary Edge Festival.

The Week In Review for week ending Fri May 15 2015

6:00 PM. A review of the week's news including... heavy rain causing flooding across the lower North Island, damaging homes and almost completely cutting Wellington off from the north, the Reserve Bank announces regional loan restrictions in an attempt to slow the rise in Auckland property prices, a call to reduce the speed limit on many rural roads to 70 or 80 kilometres following a horrendous weekend of road deaths, hundreds of inmates will be transferred and 194 will lose their jobs with the shutting of units at older prisons, reassurances to locals that there's no plan to import Chinese labour to the North, the Associate Conservation Minister announces a review of unsafe and illegal gun use by hunters after the deaths of two young hunters, we hear from the lawyer asking the High Court to clarify whether a doctor would be committing a crime if he or she were to help his client to die, a new report warns New Zealand's regions are getting a bad deal, smaller, high-rise retirement villages could hit the skyline of Auckland in the future and Prince Harry learns and performs the Haka.

The Week In Review for week ending May 8 2015

6:00 PM. A review of the week's news including... a hundred miners are to lose their jobs as the country's largest opencast coal mine axes more than a quarter of its workforce, one of the country's biggest concrete makers admits recent shipments of its product have been substandard possibly affecting a major transport project, the Auckland Council puts the brakes on its Housing Accord with the Government, Tauranga and Invercargill will be first off the block for the Government's state housing sell off but one potential buyer says it needs much more information before it makes a move, a surgeon and the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board are in the gun over a man who bled to death during routine surgery, the Auditor General says its impossible to tell if the 137 million dollar Whanau Ora programme has achieved what it set out to do, mountaineer Peter Hillary who was on Mt Everest when the massive Nepal earthquake struck recalls the event, the former captain of the Black Ferns and now a senior lecturer in sports management at Massey University on Nine to Noon, stray cats are invading Woodville and the Air Force gets ready to say goodbye to a workhorse.

The Week In Review for week ending May 1 2015

6:00 PM. A review of the week's news including... the aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal, industry experts say the drop in Fonterra's forecast milk payout will take 7 billion dollars out of the economy, members of the infant formula industry are playing down the impact from a new range targeting the Chinese market, all major fast food chains commit to ending zero hours contracts, a coroners inquest into the deaths of two Dunedin children at the hands of their father raises serious questions about the way police enforce protection orders in domestic violence cases, the political stand-off between the Auckland Council and its ports company is over but public protest is continuing, Fish and Game applaud a precedent setting jail sentence for trout poaching and New Zealand scientists hail a potential breakthrough in controlling greenhouse gas emissions from sheep and cows.

The Week In Review for week ending April 24 2015

6:00 PM. A review of the week's news including... The Prime Minister describes his repeated pulling of an Auckland waitress' hair as just 'horsing around', a hearing into the shooting of two Dunedin children by their father has heard of a series of failures by the police to follow up on information that could have saved their lives and Edward Livingstone's psycho-therapist says she was naive and wrong to write a letter for court saying he was not a violent man, the mother of a 15 year old boy who died after a routine appendix operation is furious the anesthetist who made critical mistakes has not been named, AC/DC's drummer pleads guilty to charges of threatening to kill and possessing methamphetamine and cannabis, the firm behind a radio advertisement playing a Singapore says it has no compunction in calling Auckland 'a property investor's dream', landlords in Canterbury are taking advantage of a housing crisis with the region overtaking Auckland as the most expensive to rent, a tramper crawls for ten hours with a dislocated shoulder after being stuck on the side of a mountain for two days, one of the country's biggest fisheries companies closes its Christchurch mussel processing factory blaming rising ocean temperatures and variable weather, the former Heart of the City chief executive admits stealing millions from the agency he ran to promote Auckland and from Gallipolli we hear about the man who led New Zealand troops in the first Anzac Day service.

The Week In Review for week ending April 17 2015

6:00 PM. A review of the week's news including... The Reserve Bank urges the Government to think again about a capital gains tax to help quell the overheated Auckland housing market, the Medical Council wants a debate about what information the public should be given about the performance of doctors, a new loyalty card aimed at people with student loans has been criticised for being nothing more than a marketing ploy, the Prime Minister says the Government will continue to work with iwi over Maori freshwater rights but maintains nobody can own the resource, the high profile head of a rape prevention group reveals she was threatened with a funding cut if she continued to criticise the Government, the director of the Security Intelligence Service has warned more people, not fewer, are being monitored because of their links to Islamic State, the Green Party says it's shocking that New Zealand appears to be helping what it calls 'Bangladesh's notoriously brutal security agencies', policing tactics in Canterbury are being questioned after official figures revealed the region is responsible for almost one in six armed offender call outs, the stones a young hunter got in his boots while climbing up a slip to get to a deer he'd just shot, probably saved his life and packaged foods may be even less healthy than you thought.

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