7 Sep 2012

The Week in Review - week ending 3 September 2012

From The Week In Review, 6:00 pm on 7 September 2012

A review of the week's news, including... A Government decision not to back a national hui on water rights is dismissed as irrelevant by its organisers and do precedent setting legal cases involving large settlements such as the Sealords Fisheries deal apply in this case of fresh water?, scores of jobs are being axed at the Tiwai Point Aluminum Smelter, opposition parties and unions are continuing to pound the Government with criticism about it's jobs creation record and the Government's response from the Finance Minister, the country's medical laboratories are being called on to make urgent changes after biopsy sample mix-ups which led to four women having breasts removed when they didn't have cancer, it's two years since a magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook Canterbury, children take antibiotics after the frightening death of a 12 year Wellington girl from meningococcal disease and a statue of Christ is returning from the wilderness, as a twelve-year mystery surrounding its fate is solved.