19 Oct 2012

Week In Review for 19 October 2012

From The Week In Review, 6:00 pm on 19 October 2012

A review of the week's news, including... accusations the Government is using bully boy tactics to get poor iwi to agree to low-level treaty deals and make them complicit in their asset sales plan, the Maori Council decides to mount a legal challenge to the Government's planned partial sale of hydro power generators, the parents of Christie Marceau, who was killed by Akshay Chand say they do not accept the court's ruling that he was insane when he stabbed her to death and we hear from the forensic psychiatrist who assessed Chand, IT experts say incompetence is to blame for a massive security breach at the Ministry of Social Development, the Civil Aviation Authority has launched an investigation into an incident in which the Air Force put explosive gas canisters on an international Air New Zealand passenger jet, is the Kohanga Reo movement in crisis because of the way it has been treated by the Government?, how clean are the rivers we use for swimming and other recreational activities? and some of the last whisky ever distilled in New Zealand more than 20 years ago has been snapped up by the Scottish.