This Way Up

Saturday 30 August 2014, with Simon Morton

NZ Radio Awards 2012 winner: Best Daily or Weekly Series (one hour or more duration)

Quick hits
12:15   Look good feel better  
12:45   Tech news 
13:15   NASA Chief Scientist
13:35   Barcelona nudes
13:45   Fluttering Shearwater

The small print
First up this week
, Look Good Feel Better is a free service, supported by the cosmetics industry that helps cancer patients look good during and after their treatment. We pop into a local workshop.

Then at 12.45pm, our tech correspondent Peter Griffin's here with news that anyone, anywhere in the world can be tracked, minute-by-minute via a huge global cellphone database; and it's not just the intelligence services that can access this information either. Plus why has Amazon bought the videogame streaming platform Twitch for over US$1 billion? And the effect on sleep from the recent earthquake in California.

Then after the 1pm news, Dr. Ellen Stofan is the chief scientist at the US space agency NASA. We speak to her about the prospects of life on Mars, and what it is about studying space that gets her most excited.

Then at 1:35pm, Ashifa Kassam lives and works in Spain where Barcelona is facing all sorts of challenges as the city adjusts to life as a global tourism powerhouse. Also the most elderly village in Spain, average age 75, is on the hunt for some new, younger residents.

And before we go, we head out with Hugh Robertson, searching for the fluttering shearwater.

Fluttering Shearwater
Fluttering Shearwater (Puffinus gavia). Photograph by JJ Harrison (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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