This Way Up

Saturday 25 October 2014, with Simon Morton

NZ Radio Awards 2012 winner: Best Daily or Weekly Series (one hour or more duration)

Quick hits

12:15   Salt tolerant potatoes

12:30   Speed skating

12:50   Alaskan maps

13:15   Clever raccoons

13:25   The perfect meal

13:50   Yoga Joes

The small print

First up this week, salty soils are a food production problem facing millions of farmers and consumers worldwide. Now a team in the Netherlands has developed a salt tolerant potato, and thinks that other crops including carrots and onions won't be too far behind.

At 12:30pm the husband and wife team training generations of speed skaters in Timaru.

Then at 12:50pm, why the maps in Alaska are so bad; not great news in a mountainous region where flying is a major means of transport.

After the 1pm news, Toronto in Canada is home to some seriously clever raccoons. They've got so good at getting into people's rubbish that the city council's running a competition to get residents to design better bins.

Then at 1:20pm, Charles Spence is an experimental psychologist who's interested in how we eat, and how things like lighting, music, plates and cutlery can make us enjoy our food more. His book The Perfect Meal explores things like why we enjoy our food more when we order first at a restaurant, and why eating off a round plate makes our food taste sweeter.

And before we go, a funny way to encourage more children, men and war veterans to take up yoga, Dan Abramson, once of Otago University and now living in the US, has started hacking classic plastic toy soldiers so they adopt yoga poses like the Tree, the Cobra or the Downward-facing Dog.

We're playing these tracks too...

Artist: Plaid
Track: Thank
Composer: Andy Turner and Ed Handley
Label: Warp
Broadcast: 12:25

Artist: Young MC
Track: Pick Up the Pace 1990
Composer: Young MC
Album:Stone Cold Rhymin' (Deluxe Edition)
Broadcast: 13:10

Artist: Blonde Redhead
Track: Dripping
Composer: Simone Pace, Amedeo Pace, Kazu Makino
Label: Asawara Kuru/Kobalt
Broadcast: 13:45

And our theme music is:

Artist: Jefferson Belt
Track: The Green Termite
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