This Way Up

Saturday 4 February 2012, with Simon Morton

NZ Radio Awards 2012 winner: Best Daily or Weekly Series (one hour or more duration)

Clean tech boom and bust

Juliet Eilperin of the Washington Post has been watching a cycle of boom and bust in the US renewable energy sector.

Tech news: Facebook float

Tech correspondent Peter Griffin goes inside the numbers of Facebook's planned flotation.

Pop-up gardens

We go urban gardening with pop-up gardener Amanda Yates from Massey University.

Birds: Black-backed gull

We chase the black-backed gull with Hugh Robertson.

Does a Strad sound better?

Claudia Fritz studies instrument acoustics and is testing if antique violins (think Stradivarius and Guarneri) really sound any better than modern instruments.

Guerilla grafting

Tara Hui is a guerilla grafter who's returning ornamental fruit trees to production one branch at a time!


Quick Hits

  • 12:15   Clean tech boom and bust
  • 12:25   Tech news: Facebook float
  • 12:45   Pop-up gardens         
  • 13:15   Birds: Black-backed gull
  • 13:30   Does a Strad sound better?
  • 13:50   Guerilla grafting


The Small Print
We kick off this week with a great tale of boom and bust in the clean tech sector - how everything from solar panels to wind farms is struggling to compete with natural gas in the world's biggest energy markets. 

At 12.15pm the  latest news from the hi-tech world with Peter Griffin. Facebook reveals its flotation plans in the biggest internet IPO ever, and going public means we get to peer inside this giant of the internet. So how does Facebook make over US$4 billion a year?

At 12:45pm we go urban gardening and look at some pop-up gardens in the central city.

After the 1pm news we chase the black-backed gull with birdman Hugh Robertson.

Then at 1:30pm does an antique violin like a Stradivarius costing millions really sound any better than a modern instrument? Well Claudia Fritz studies instrument acoustics and she's tested this out with 21 violinists and 6 violins (including 3 old ones costing US$10 million)!

And before we go, at 1:50pm, the guerilla grafters bringing fruit to the streets of San Francisco. Basically the city authorities think productive fruit trees could be a health hazard- after all someone could slip on a nasty squishy plum or pair couldn't they?! Well this secret band of fruit fans are returning ornamental trees to fruit production one branch at a time!


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