26 Mar 2016

Technology: Adblocking

From This Way Up, 12:12 pm on 26 March 2016
AD Blocker

Photo: CC BY-SA 2.0

An estimated 200 million people worldwide are using adblocking software to filter out annoying ads and pop-up videos. 

Adblocking is posing a serious economic threat to online publishers (including the media) and is meant to be costing the global online advertising market more than US$20 billion a year!

No surprise that many publishers are responding, politely asking or even demanding that you switch off adblocking if you want to visit their site and access their content for free. 

This Way Up's technology correspondent Peter Griffin looks at how adblocking works and how online publishers are responding:

1. AdBlock 
Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera
2. Ghostery
Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer
3. Ad Guard
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
4. AdBlock Plus
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Android
5. Brave (in Beta)
Windows, OSX, iOS, Android