11 Mar 2017

Queuing for kicks

From This Way Up, 12:15 pm on 11 March 2017

Would you sign a contract to join a queue for nearly 2 days to buy a pair of shoes costing nearly $400?

This Way Up explores the world of the hardcore sneaker head - a place where a passion for cool kicks is a serious business.

You'll have seen media reports about people queuing up before the launch of some new technology, whether that's a smartphone or a games console. There are even stories about actors being paid to stand in these queues to create a bit more of a buzz.

It's not just new tech that people are queuing up for either. What about camping overnight for a pair of shoes costing nearly $400? And you even have to sign a contract for the privilege!

Specifically these shoes are limited edition trainers called the Yeezy. They're designed by the rapper and music producer Kanye West and if you do manage to beat the competition and nab a pair, they will triple in value overnight...if only that contract you signed allowed you to resell them, that is.