The Transit of Venus Lectures

Voyages in Time and Space

A series of lectures from 2004 covering the broad themes related to the Transit of Venus

1 - How The Land Got Here by Dr. Hamish Campbell

12:00 PM.The split from Gondwanaland and the development of our unique flora and fauna. Introduction by poet Chris Orsman of Wellington.

2 - The Ancients And The Stars by Richard Hall

12:01 PM.How the ancients, from Babylonians to Polynesians, interpreted and used the stars. Stonehenge in Britain and the construction of Stonehenge Aotearoa in the Wairarapa. Introduction by Dr. Grant Christie.

3 - Pacific Voyaging and Navigation by Dr. Peter Adds

12:02 PM.Pacific Voyaging and Navigation by Dr. Peter Adds - Maori studies, Victoria University of Wellington. Introduction by Dr. John Stenhouse.

4 - Science In Cook's Time by Dr. Duncan Steel

12:03 PM.Science in the age of enlightenment, the quest to find the distance to the Sun. longitude. Introduction by John Hisco, President of the Astronomical Society of South Australia.

5 - Cook's First Voyage by Dame Anne Salmond

12:04 PM.First encounters between Maori and Europeans. Introduction by Prof. David Mackay, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Victoria University of Wellington.

6 - Voyages in Time and Space by Professor Paul Callaghan

12:05 PM.with Professor Alan MacDiarmid - What are the challenges now? The search for dark matter, other life and other universes.