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Monday 19 September - Food on the Open Road
It could be argued that our global economy is in some ways, driven by drivers. That is, long-haul truckers who carry goods from one side of a country to another. But truck driving is a profession that is struggling to recruit new members and a lot of it has to do with lifestyle and what’s available to eat. The BBC’s Mike Johnson discovers that a lack of fresh food options, combined with a sedentary lifestyle and strict schedules, leave truck drivers facing a higher rate of obesity and a shortened life-span when compared to other professions. But some truck drivers are working to change that. Plus, we discover what it’s like to eat on the road in the world’s longest country, and get a lesson in cab cooking along the way.

Tuesday 20 September - Island of Love
Every year, Cyprus carries out thousands of weddings for couples from across the Middle East. The Mediterranean island promotes itself as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, but its popularity as a wedding destination is much more prosaic - it offers civil marriages. With marriage tourism booming, specialist florists, event planners and photographers help to make wedding days extra special. Many Middle Easterners hope for reforms back home that will allow civil weddings. In the meantime, they head to the Island of Love.

Wednesday 21 September -Fixing India’s Car Crash Capital
India has some of the world's most dangerous roads. The government says almost 150,000 people died on them last year. Nowhere saw more crashes than the booming city of Mumbai. The carnage is relentless, affecting people at every level of society. We meet the Mumbaikers who are taking action. It is hoped there will be lessons in Mumbai for all of India. The country is in the midst of an historic road-building push. By 2020, Prime Minister Modi wants to pave a distance greater than the circumference of the earth.

Thursday 22 September - Blind Man Roams the Globe #2 of 3
2. Washington DC: Peter White explores the American capital, Washington DC, through the sounds of the city. He finds a city struggling to develop a transport system, which properly caters for all communities and he explores the gulf between the well off and those living hard at heel. He is forced to navigate a strange environment without being able to see his way around: “Having been born blind, I’ve always travelled blind – and for me, sightseeing is more a case of ‘sound-hearing.”