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27 - 30 October 2014

Monday 27 October 2014: The Life Scientific - Professor Brian Cox

Professor Brian Cox of Manchester University in England describes how he gave up appearing on Top of the Pops - a TV music show - to study quarks, quasars and quantum mechanics. Although Professor Brian Cox describes himself as a simple-minded Northern bloke, he has acquired an almost god-like status on TV screens in the UK; while the ‘Cox effect’ is thought to explain the significant boost to university admissions to read physics. He talks to Jim Al-Khalili about learning to be famous, his passion for physics and how he sometimes has difficulty crossing the road.

Tuesday 28 October 2014: Giandomenico Picco - Former UN Negotiator

Is there a new brand of violent extremism that is identifiably different from all forms of militancy that have gone before? The question is prompted by the shocking and self-publicised brutality of the group calling itself Islamic State. Boko Haram in Nigeria deserves mention in the same breath. These groups provoke worldwide revulsion, but is force the only possible response? Hardtalk speaks to Giandomenico Picco, the former UN envoy who risked his life to negotiate the release of western hostages in Lebanon.

Wednesday 29 October 2014: How Politics is Fought in Texas #2 of 2 

Ahead of key elections in Texas, Gary O’Donoghue encounters the larger-than-life politics of the Lone Star State in the second programme of The Red and The Blue.

Thursday 30 October 2014: Ireland’s Forced Labour Survivors

Sue Lloyd-Roberts hears the latest around several enquiries into the historical abuse of women and children in the care of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. Survivors of Ireland’s Magdalene laundries are demanding answers from the Catholic Church and the government.