Windows On The World

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25 - 28 May 2015

Monday 25 May 2015: Shedding Light on the Brain

Biologists are using light to explore the brain - and to alter it. Roland Pease meets some of the leading players in optogenetics, who use light-sensitive molecules to take direct control of neural systems in worms, flies, and maybe one day, humans.

Tuesday 26 May 2015: Workers Without Borders #1 of 4: Nepal

In a four part series Claudia Taranto hears powerful stories from people across the Asia Pacific region who travel overseas to find work, exploring the dramatic impact of temporary migrant labour on individuals and countries.  Claudia's journey starts in Nepal where - until the recent disasters - 1600 people were leaving each day to travel overseas for work. The earthquakes are only likely to add to this exodus in the coming years.

Wednesday 27 May 2015: Workers Without Borders #2 of 4: Singapore

In the second of the series Workers Without Borders Claudia Tarantois in Singapore. The city state is increasingly reliant on labour from abroad - 40% of the population are in the country temporarily for work. She hears from locals who feel anger at being squeezed out of the job market and from exploited migrant workers who are in despair at Singapore's complex and bureaucratic system for resolving workplace problems.

Thursday 28 May 2015: TBA