7 Sep 2009

International authors on the next 100 Years

From Writers and Readers Festivals, 9:02 am on 7 September 2009

"I'm wondering if… we will have a more balanced hedonism, a more balanced understanding of pleasure, of the art of living. I would hope that… economists might begin to envisage more sustainable, but less dynamically growing economies that privilege values other than economic strength, because we know these are the things we like living for - the pleasures of life, love and art, and creativity. " Sean Plunket chairs an industrial-strength panel of leading international authors considering different visions of the future: Hendrick Hertzberg, Mohammed Kanif, Richard Holloway, Marcus Chown, James Surowiecki, and George Friedman. The stimulating discussion ranges widely, from economics, science, technology and theology to international culture.