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Sunday 11 February 2007 Rātapu 11 Hui-tanguru 2007

  • 12:04 AM. All Night Programme

    Including: 12:06 Music from Midnight; 12:30 History Repeated; 1:05 Our Changing World (RNZ); 2:05 Touchstone (RNZ); 2:30 Hymns; 3:15 Dancing Lessons, by Paddy Richardson (RNZ); 3:35 Diversions; 4:30 On Screen (BBC); 5:10 Nga Marae (RNZ); 5:45 Steemson's Auckland (RNZ)

  • 6:08 AM. Storytime

    Floundering, by Barbara Agnew; Paradise Mission, by Phillip Mann; Mazeppa and the Wild Horse of Tartary, by David Somerset; Fembird and Weka the Thief, by Chris Winitana; Uncle Trev and Gotta Henry's Horse, by Jack Lasenby; Hairy McClary - Sit, by Lynley Dodd (RNZ)

  • 7:06 AM. Hymns for Sunday Morning

  • 7:35 AM. Weekend Worldwatch

    The stories behind the international headlines (RNZ)

  • 8:10 AM. Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw

    Discussion, features and music until midday, including:

    8:12 Insight (RNZ); 9:10 Mediawatch (RNZ); 10:06 The Sunday Group; 10:30 Hidden Treasures with Trevor Reekie; 11:05 Ideas

  • 12:15 PM. Spectrum

    Petone's Western World First - 100 years ago, the first workers' rental dwellings were erected in Petone's Patrick St. In so doing, King Dick Seddon's Liberal government notched up another 'world first'. Conservation architect Ian Bowman visits the dwellings (RNZ)

  • 12:40 PM. The Arts on Sunday with Lynn Freeman

    Information and analysis from the world of books, arts and movies, including:

    1:06 Film Reviews with Alexander Bisley (RNZ)

    2:30 The Laugh Track (RNZ)

    3:04 The Sunday Drama: Four Cities, by Anthony McCarten

    A somewhat unreliable Polish tour guide makes the sparks fly for a 40-something teacher who leaves her quiet NZ life for an off-season package tour through four European capitals (Pt 1 of 2, RNZ)

  • 4:06 PM. 4 'til 8 with Katrina Batten

    A selection of special interest programmes, including:

    4:06 The Sunday Feature: 2007 Te Papa Treaty Debates

    The Big Picture - Where is the Treaty? The term 'living document' has become synonymous with the Treaty of Waitangi in this country, with three short articles being debated in contexts their original signatories could never have imagined. With so much interpretation and analysis, will the original intentions of this document remain, and does it have a place in the multicultural society of our future? With the Hon Justice Edward Taihakurei Durie and Colin James. Co-Chaired by Claudia Orange and Richard Boast (F, RNZ)

    5:12 Touchstone (RNZ)

    5:36 Waiata - Maori Music (RNZ)

    6:06 Te Ahi Kaa: Exploring issues and events from a tangata whenua perspective with Maraea Rakuraku, Eru Rerekura and Tanerau Tuuta (RNZ)

    7:06 World of Possibilities (NRP)

  • 8:06 PM. Sounds Historical with Jim Sullivan

    New Zealand stories from the past

    10:12 Mediawatch

    Critical examination and analysis of recent performance and trends in New Zealand's news media (RNZ)

  • 10:40 PM. Wayne's Music

    Wayne Mowat presents a selection of tunes too good to be forgotten (RNZ)

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