1 Oct 2015

Man ordered to pay back jet boat grant money

10:55 am on 1 October 2015

An IT director has been ordered to pay back nearly $50,000 in grant money he used to build himself a jet boat in India.

Jeffrey Horne pleaded guilty to falsifying applications for money from the gaming machine society, First Sovereign Trust.

Between 2004 and 2009, more than $600,000 was granted to Water Rescue New Zealand, a society formed by Mr Horne to assist with jet boat marathons.

Mr Horne signed grant applications as another Water Rescue member, altered quotes and invoices and signed fake resolutions and minutes in the name of the society's president.

He then transferred $47,000 to his personal account, his IT company and suppliers for the construction of a jet boat he would use on a trip to India.

He was sentenced to six months community detention and 400 hours community work.