4 Nov 2015

Police pursuit, tasering justified, IPCA finds

7:19 pm on 4 November 2015

An investigation has found a police pursuit in Christchurch, which ended with the car being rammed and the occupants tasered, was justified.

The pursuit began after the driver of a car failed to stop on Marshlands Road in October 2014.

It lasted 24 minutes but was abandoned three times due to dangerous driving.

The car was eventually stopped in Hillmorton, and tasers and a police dog used to get the occupants out.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority, in a report released today, found the police generally complied with policy during the chase but some communication of risk factors could have been improved.

The authority found the current policy governing the pursuit of fleeing drivers was highly prescriptive, and officers who had to make quick decisions in a pursuit sometimes found it difficult to comply with all aspects of it.

The authority noted the police are reviewing the policy.