20 May 2011

Analyst sees election still safe for National

8:01 am on 20 May 2011

A political analyst says the Budget is unlikely to lose the Government the election later this year.

Bryce Edwards of the political studies department at Otago University says that until Labour come up with some firm policies that look different to National's, they're going to continue to trail the Government.

A political marketing specialist at Massey University, Claire Robinson, says privatisation plans may lose National some votes but it won't lose them the majority.

Asset sales affect people at an emotional level, Ms Robinson says, but at the practical level "it's going to be the tax cuts versus the KiwiSaver cuts that people will be much more concerned with, because that does hit them in the pocket and that affects their day-to-day lives".

Come election day, she says, voters will be weighing up how much worse they will be under Labour's tax cuts versus National's cuts.