5 Apr 2012

Debt measures not over yet - ECB

9:02 am on 5 April 2012

The European Central Bank says it will not yet roll back emergency measures it implemented to contain the eurozone debt crisis.

"Any 'exit strategy' talk for the time being is premature," ECB president Mario Draghi said after the bank's latest monthly meeting in Frankfurt.

He had previously said the worst of the crisis is over.

The ECB in February lent more than 1 trillion euros ($US1.3 trillion) of low-interest loans to 800 banks across all the European Union.

Eurozone leaders also recently agreed to boost its bailout funds - from 500 billion euros to 800 billion euros.

But borrowing costs for governments in the eurozone have been rising again.

Mr Draghi said that there were still risks related to a renewed intensification of tensions in euro-area debt markets. However, he said that he expected the economy to grow modestly over 2012.

He warned eurozone governments that they must honour their commitment to reducing and containing debt.

The bank's main interest rate was held at 1%. There has been no movement in ECB rates since November.