2 Jul 2012

Digital and screen media strategy for Auckland

7:08 am on 2 July 2012

Auckland game and digital media developers have joined forces in a bid to make the city a screen and digital content hub for the global entertainment industry.

The Auckland Screen and Digital Content Sector, which represents more than 200 companies, has launched a strategy to make Auckland a cutting edge screen and content provider.

Group co-chair, Shona Grundy, who is also the chief executive of the iPad app developer, Trigger Happy, says the industry has the potential to become a major contributor to Auckland's and the country's economy.

She says it's a major growth area at the moment, for example the companies like Zynga which created FarmVille and Rovio which created Angry Birds went from being valued at zero to $US8 billion in 18 months.

Ms Grundy says the group has identified a number of areas where it can collaborate to grow and support the industry.

She says as well as growing and retaining New Zealand talent in areas like production, post-production, engineers and artists, as well as attracting international talent.

Ms Grundy says the New Zealand investment market is still unsure about the sector and what it does.

"We're trying to create an environment in Auckland where we're supported by the industry and the Government, where investors feel safe coming into this country and this city".