24 Aug 2012

Businesses told to expect big rise in smartphone use

7:30 am on 24 August 2012

Ericsson says businesses and telecom operators need to ensure their networks are smartphone-ready, because a rapid rise is expected in the technology's usage in the next six months.

Based on analysis it has done, Ericsson expects nearly half of all New Zealanders to own a smartphone in the next six months and tablet ownership to triple in the same period.

The company's general manager of strategic marketing, Kursten Leins, says there is strong consumer interest in making more transactions online and businesses need to get ready to meet customers' new expectations.

Mr Leins says businesses need to prepare to engage with customers in a mobile sense, while operators need to prepare their networks and build capacity for 3G and, in the future, 4G or LTE technology.

He says operators will also need to focus on things like coverage, because customers will expect smartphones to work everywhere.

Mr Leins says companies also need to make sure the performance of smartphone and mobile devices is consistent throughout the country.