4 Oct 2012

Wine company finds market in China

7:06 am on 4 October 2012

A Marlborough winery has won over the paletes of the Chinese.

Marisco Vineyards was recently awarded five gold medals at the China Wine Awards.

Chief winemaker Brent Marris, first visited there about 2½ years ago, signing a deal with a Chinese wine company last year.

Mr Marris spoke at a China Business Summit in Auckland on Wednesday about his experiences entering into the emerging New Zealand wine market over there.

He said there is plenty of export potential for other wineries, but there is not a lot of New Zealand wine on the shelves in China currently.

Mr Marris said New Zealand winemakers don't realise how important the VIP or independent market is in China.

He said that's people who purchase many 10s of dozens or even hundreds of dozens of wine that go into business, as opposed to the corner store or supermarket.