8 Oct 2012

File seizure ruining business - client

7:55 am on 8 October 2012

A Megaupload client in the United States who is seeking to get his digital property back says his business has struggled without access to the site.

Kyle Goodwin is asking the judge overseeing the Megaupload case in the Virginia to release legitimate material stored on the site.

All content was seized in January as part of an internet piracy investigation into Megaupload and co-founder Kim Dotcom.

Mr Goodwin used the site as a quick and cheap way of storing footage high school sports games recorded by his film crews in Ohio.

He has not been able to find anything similar to keep his business going since Megaupload was closed.

Mr Goodwin says legitimate users of the site are being penalised for other people's misuse of it.