5 Nov 2012

F and P sell-off frees funds for investment - fund manager

8:29 am on 5 November 2012

A fund manager says the sales of shares in Fisher & Paykel Appliances means there is a lot more available money for investment which might result in more companies being listed.

Tower Investments says it is selling its 3.7% stake in Fisher & Paykel Appliances to Haier.

Chief executive Sam Stubbs said Tower did not want to be a minority investor in Fisher & Paykel Appliances.

But he said this may have a positive result on the stock market because demand begets supply in financial markets.

Mr Stubbs said investment banks say there appears to be some more positive news coming in terms of a supply of companies coming to the market.

"I think these sorts of corporate actions that release capital and then also the fact that you have KiwiSaver which has really created a growing, rising tide of capital in the country means that you are going to find that companies will be brought to market."

Mr Stubbs said there is a rising tide of demand and he's confident that over time the supply will meet that demand.

He said that when a savings culture has been generated, and that is now starting to happen with KiwiSaver, it generates greater optimism which flows into the capital markets.