19 Jan 2013

Australian unemployment rate up

5:01 pm on 19 January 2013

The unemployment rate in Australia has risen from 5.3% to 5.4%, as 5500 jobs were lost in December.

Bureau of Statistics figures issued on Thursday showed the fall was centred on full-time positions, with an estimated 13,800 lost. Part-time employment increased by 8,300.

The original jobless rate of 5.2% for November was revised up to 5.3%.

The ABC reports the proportion of those aged over 15 in work or looking for it - the participation rate - remained steady at 65.1%.

Nearly 150,000 jobs were created last year, but that failed to keep pace with an increase of 185,000 persons aged over 15.

The ABC reported the unemployment rate in New South Wales was at 5.1%, Victoria was flat at 5.6% and Western Australia was at 4.3% - up from 4.1%.

The rate in Queensland rose from 6.1% to 6.2%.