12 Apr 2013

Trans-Tasman chartered accountants may join forces

7:38 am on 12 April 2013

A proposal to merge the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants with its Australian counterpart is being developed.

New chief executive Craig Norgate says the institute is sending its members an extensive consultation document and will be talking to them in May and June about what stage the process is at.

He says if members are comfortable with the direction, the proposal will be finalised and put to the vote later this year.

Mr Norgate says the proposal is to create a new institute rather than just a merger of the two existing bodies.

He says the goals of the new organisation will include ensuring the chartered accountant brand is well understood and that the right education opportunities for lifelong learning are being provided.

Mr Norgate says joining with a body that is twice the size of the New Zealand institute will provide the organisation with an impact internationally.

He says New Zealand and Australia have very similar regulatory regimes and having one organisation for both countries is the reality of closer economic relations.