31 Jul 2008

Sexy lingerie company takes off

10:04 pm on 31 July 2008

A small business that makes sexy lingerie for pregnant and breastfeeding women is exporting its bras to Australia, Europe and Asia.

HotMilk began two years ago when director Lisa Ebbing became pregnant with her first child and found her lingerie choices were very far removed from what she was used to.

After looking at the technicalities of bra-making, she took the results of six months of work on sample products and went door kocking around New Zealand.

Ms Ebbing says 22 stores initially took the product and now 300 do so - in New Zealand, Britain and Australia, plus "a couple" in Asia.

It is a niche market that she expects to double.

Employee numbers have grown from three to 10, with three more to be hired in a few months.

Ms Ebbing says HotMilk was launched in Britain and Europe at Christmas and is aiming at North America in January.

All the items are made in China.