30 Aug 2008

Queensland seeks skilled US workers

8:48 am on 30 August 2008

The Queensland government has put up a "US Workers Wanted" sign in depressed parts of the United States.

States in what is nicknamed the "rust belt" - including Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Minnesota - have record unemployment.

Queensland's new Los Angeles-based US trade commissioner, former premier Peter Beattie, on Friday issued a press release headlined: "Queensland wants you!".

It said Queensland is seeking skilled workers, particularly boiler makers, welders, diesel fitters and engineers, to fill "hundreds of vacancies" in the state.

The US Labor Department issued figures this week showing unemployment in the US is 5.7%, up almost 1% from a year ago.

Queensland enjoys historic linkages with the United States. Brisbane was General Douglas Macarthur's headquarters in World War II and thousands of US service people were based in Queensland.