13 Aug 2015

Rising fruit prices push up the cost of food

12:01 pm on 13 August 2015

Higher fruit prices have helped push up the overall cost of food.


Grapes Photo: 123RF

In the year to July, rising prices for grapes and avocados sent fruit prices jumping skywards by 7.9 percent, and overall food prices by just over 1 percent.

Restaurant meals and ready-to-eat food also rose by almost 2 percent, while soft drinks jumped by 3.9 percent.

Official figures show food prices rose by 0.6 percent last month, after a similar increase in June.

Last month, mandarin and grape prices rose further, as did those for meat, poultry and chicken.

A drought in the US has pushed world beef prices to record highs, bringing New Zealand's beef prices up by 7.1 percent.

However, the prices of bread and butter fell.