15 Apr 2017

Accommodation providers lose out due to weather prediction

9:30 pm on 15 April 2017

Hopes for a busy Easter weekend for Coromandel accommodation providers have been dashed - many holidaymakers are cancelling because of Cyclone Cook, even though the worst weather didn't eventuate.

RNZ reporter Sarah Robson took this pic this morning in Whangamatā in Coromandel.

Whangamatā in Coromandel on Friday morning. Photo: RNZ / Sarah Robson

A state of emergency was declared across Thames-Coromandel before this week's storm was lifted yesterday after the cyclone largely missed the peninsula.

Despite people being warned against going to the Coromandel Shelly Beach Top 10 Holiday Park manager Debbie Willis said the cyclone was a non-event.

"We got the normal rain that we were supposed to get but as far as the [cyclone], nothing - nothing touched here whatsoever after three o'clock on the day it was supposed to hit - we didn't have rain or wind or anything from about three o'clock that day."

She said while a few brave people had come, they only had about 20 percent of the guests they had been expecting.

Tairua Holiday Park owner Brad Turner said he got calls on Wednesday and Thursday cancelling bookings.

"I'd say half did stay home, got a bit of a scare. Yeah, the camp's only half-full, it would have been full if it wasn't for the cyclone."

Mr Turner said even though he was not making money because of the weather, he could not do anything but "go with it".

State Highway 25, Thames Coast Road, remains closed in places by slips.