28 Apr 2009

Bank ready to deal with any swine flu outbreak

9:42 am on 28 April 2009

The Bank of New Zealand says it has up to date stocks of Tamiflu ready to deal with any outbreak of swine flu.

Banking has been identified as one of those sectors crucial to maintain during any pandemic as people need to pay bills, buy supplies and access ATM machines.

BNZ employs 5000 people and says it's taking the swine flu threat seriously, ensuring staff are kept informed of the nature of the flu and latest developments.

BNZ says it maintains up to date stocks of the flu drug Tamiflu which has been found to be effective against the latest virus.

ANZ National Bank has set up a special monitoring group and is also keeping staff abreast of developments.

The Warehouse, which employs 8000 people, says it's highly prepared to deal with a swine flu pandemic.