2 Jul 2009

US car sales fall

11:09 am on 2 July 2009

Vehicle sales in the United States dropped in June, but there were signs of stabilisation as Ford saw its smallest fall in a year.

Total sales fell below a monthly target of 10 millon.

Ford reported a 11% drop in sales in June, while General Motors fell 33.6% and Chrysler fell by 42%.

Ford is the only one of the so-called "Big Three" carmakers not to have gone bankrupt.

Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy protection in early June and Italian carmaker Fiat bought its strongest assets.

GM is seeking court permission to sell its best assets to a new company.

In other company sales reports: Toyota said its US sales fell 31.9% in June in comparison with 2008, while Honda posted a 29.5% decline in sales.

The BBC reports US vehicle sales have been hit in recent months by bankruptcies at GM and Chrysler.

This is despite hefty discounts being offered to prospective car buyers.

Similar schemes have been introduced in Britain and Germany.