4 Jul 2009

2degrees plan to sell cellphones in supermarkets

4:07 pm on 4 July 2009

New mobile phone operator 2degrees plans to sell its cellphones in supermarkets and service stations before opening its own stores.

The company says it is on track to start offering services on its network in August, and will sell its phones and SIM cards in 6000 outlets in New Zealand.

Those include supermarkets, service stations, Noel Leeming, Bond & Bond, Dick Smith Electronics and Warehouse Stationery.

Sales and marketing chief Larrie Moore says the company needs as many distributors as possible, as it will be challenging Telecom and Vodafone in an effort to win customers from the mobile giants.

He says 2degrees wants to reach double-digit market share within months of launching its phone service.

The company has so far spent $250 million building its own mobile network, compared to the $500 million Telecom and Vodafone have both spent upgrading their networks.

Mr Moore says 2degrees will eventually open its own stores, although he will not reveal when.

Details about services and prices will be issued closer to the launch in August.