17 Jul 2009

Juice company charged over Fair Trading Act

1:52 pm on 17 July 2009

The Commerce Commission will prosecute the makers of Simply Squeezed Orange Juice, under of the Fair Trading Act.

The commission has warned Brownlie Brothers Ltd that it's likely to have breached the act by advertising its product as Simply Squeezed juice, despite it containing only 40% locally squeezed juice and 60% imported re-constituted fruit juice.

Fair trading director Adrian Sparrow says the company needs to provide clearer information about the nature, content and origin of their products.

He says lack of information, combined with the brand name Simply Squeezed, may lead consumers to believe the juice product is purely squeezed orange juice when that's not the case.

Brownlie Brothers was previously prosecuted by the Commerce Commission in 2004 for similar breaches of the Fair Trading Act, and was fined $35,000.