19 Nov 2009

Energy efficiency the way to go - NZ expert

6:20 am on 19 November 2009

An expert says energy efficiency is top of mind among the leading developed and emerging nations.

Nigel Jollands, who works in the Energy Efficiency and Environment Division of the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris, was recently back in New Zealand for a short visit

Dr Jollands says the financial crisis and higher energy prices have raised the profile of energy efficiency, as it's seen as the most affordable way to confront economic development, climate change and energy security.

The IEA has surveyed its 28 members nations, including New Zealand, which came out in the middle of the bunch.

Dr Jollands says New Zealand did well in energy efficiency standards, a compliance and enforcement regime, and monitoring how energy is used.

But he says it's lagging in improving efficiency in the building stock and in transport.