31 Dec 2009

US to impose steel duties on China

1:17 pm on 31 December 2009

The United States is to impose tariffs on imports of steel pipes made in China.

The US International Trade Commission has voted unanimously in favour of the tariffs, designed to offset Chinese government subsidies.

Duties ranging between 10% and 15% are to be imposed.

The BBC reports the move is the latest in a string of recent trade disputes between China and the US, which accuses China of using unfair subsidies and price practices.

In November, the United States imposed an import duty of 35% on Chinese tyres, arguing that large numbers entering the US market was having a disruptive effect.

The latest decision clears the way for the Commerce Department to impose tariffs on steel piping.

The US imported $US2.74 billion worth of steel pipe from China last year.