2 Apr 2010

Toyota's US sales rebound

8:17 pm on 2 April 2010

Toyota's US sales were 40% higher in March than in the same month last year, despite mass recalls of its cars for safety reasons.

In recent months, Toyota has called in more than eight million vehicles worldwide for checks, after concerns over faulty accelerator pedals and other problems.

Its sales had slumped by 8.7% in February. The company had offered substantial discounts to help to win back customers.

Toyota is the world's largest carmaker, both in terms of revenues and sales.

Ford and General Motors also sold more last month, up 39.8% and 20.6% respectively. Chrysler, the third of the "Big Three" US car firms, recorded an 8.3% drop.

Nissan's US sales rose 43.3% in March, while Hyundai added 15.4%.