21 Apr 2010

Don't exclude Telecom from broadband setup, says TelstraClear

7:03 am on 21 April 2010

TelstraClear chief executive Alan Freeth says Telecom is probably the best option to lay the fibre for the Government's proposed ultra fast broadband network.

Speaking at the Telecommunicaitons Users Association's conference in Wellington, Dr Freeth reiterated his opposition to the Government's plans, saying it excluded all options except fibre to the home.

He says Telecom should not be excluded from rolling out the fibre network just because it is a network operator and retailer.

Dr Freeth says the issue is about making sure the fibre network is open to all on an equal basis.

He likened it to setting up a system for regional cricket teams to play at the Rugby World Cup having excluded the All Blacks because they are involved in merchandising.