20 May 2010

Speed of dollar's fall blamed on European problems

9:18 am on 20 May 2010

A currency strategist says the pace of the New Zealand dollar's depreciation has been caused by economic problems in Europe.

The weak Euro has prompted the Kiwi to fall to 67.5 cents against the US dollar as traders sell currencies viewed as risky.

A currency strategist at Westpac Bank Imre Speizer told Morning Report that gradual depreciation is good, but sharp falls are not.

He says a good budget may make government bonds more attractive to overseas investors but is unlikely to affect the strength of the kiwi dollar.

Foreign markets fall

Stock markets in Europe and America have fallen amid continuing worries about the debts of some European countries and new rules in Germany intended to limit financial speculating.

Share indexes in London, Paris and Frankfurt lost nearly 3% overnight on Wednesday.

In New York, the Dow Jones average fell by 1.5% in early trading before making up much of that ground.

The Dow still ended the day with a loss of more than 0.5%.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had earlier called for action against speculators to protect the Euro.