20 Jul 2010

Mattress sheet company in export business

7:07 am on 20 July 2010

A company in Auckland that makes cotton covered waterproof mattress protectors, is in the export business with its 'Brolly Sheets'.

'Brolly Sheets' are the brain-child of Diane Hurford, who came up with the idea four years ago when she was toilet training her youngest child.

"I thought: there's got to be an easier way to change a bed in the middle of the night," she said.

The sheets are made in China, using cotton which is absorbent enough to be used by adults and children.

They are priced from $44.95 and come in three sizes. The range has recently been expanded to include duvet covers and top sheets.

Ms Hurford says the company now sells 40,000 sheets per year.

About 70% of the sheets are going to Australia. They are also sold in Britain, but Ms Hurford says most orders come via a website.